As a litigation practice, Wasel & Wasel has a fast-moving, determined culture, with no bureaucracy and an emphasis on achieving results. Our cases are high-value, high-stakes, and precedent-setting. Given the continuing exponential growth of the firm, we are constantly on the lookout for high-caliber performers.

We invite senior lateral candidates, of counsel, and associates, to submit interest to

International applicants are welcomed.

We expect our applicants to have grasped the identity of Wasel & Wasel prior to applying, and write with a concise explanation on their respective value add to the firm. We are not over-concerned with the procedure at the expense of efficiency or common sense. We have a seamless hiring process, but stress character judgments based on applicants’ application methods.

We do our best to reply to applicants. We understand that applicants spend considerable time updating their resumes and writing cover letters when approaching us about an opening, and you deserve the consideration of a reply, so we thank you in advance for applying, and apologize in advance if your application is not responded to.