Legal Entrepreneur Assistance Program

In collaboration with The Hague Institute for Global Justice, WASEL&WASEL assists lawyers to launch their own practices through a Virtual Residency program as part of LEAP, the Legal Entrepreneur Assistance Program.

LEAP has been tailor-made to assist lawyers of all stages in managing and growing their practice. LEAP encompasses various steps which include; Business Boot Camp; Continuing Legal Education; Mentorship; Thought Leadership; a Moot Court, and the Virtual Residency.

As part of the Virtual Residency program, WASEL&WASEL provides training in substantive areas of law, particularly those that new attorneys are likely to see demand for, such as corporate law, construction disputes, administrative law, and commercial arbitration.

Through the Virtual Residency, participants gain invaluable skills and experience in delivering legal services, including limited scope representation; client communication; client representation; file management and case documentation; and practical practice management.

WASEL&WASEL also provides the LEAP participants the opportunity to build advocacy skills, sharpen public speaking skills, and engage in legal analysis in a variety of areas of law through the Moot Court, which grants participants the opportunity to litigate matters of high-complexity and obtain exposure to sophisticated claims and disputes.

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