Litigation Funding

Litigation funding is a mechanism in which a third party provides the financial resources to enable a party with a claim to pursue costly litigation or arbitration cases. The plaintiff (or claimant) obtains all or part of the financing to cover the legal costs associated with the claim from a private litigation funder, who has no direct interest in the proceedings. In return for the funding provided, if the plaintiff (or claimant) is the net-winner of the dispute, the funder receives an agreed share of the proceeds of the claim. If the case is unsuccessful, the litigant who obtained the funding does not owe any to the funder.

Wasel & Wasel has assisted plaintiffs and claimants from across the globe in litigation and arbitration disputes located in the Middle East and Africa to obtain funding from various international funders in obtaining funding for their disputes.

Wasel & Wasel works alongside litigation funders to provide unique and innovative funding package for commercial claims designed to streamline and expedite relations and transactions with litigation funders.

Our professionals have significant experience in providing funders with the necessary data, information, and analysis to ensure that funding requests are not prolonged and provide the necessary details to expedite the decision-making process.

We package the claim in a manner that provides the key documents and necessary evidence for an appropriate case analysis by the funder’s in-house or external counsel; the relevant legal advice and any opinions to address the liability and quantum of the claim to satisfy the needs of the funder; and information on the defendant / respondent’s defensibilty and enforcement vulnerability; and appropriate budgeting details with the respective expected timeline to judgement / award.

With experience in dealing and working with various funders, our professionals have a wider understanding of the litigation funding market and can conduct due diligence on the most appropriate funder respective of the characteristics of the claim in a sophisticated manner.