Al Masaood Bergum builds modular units in minimum time

Abu Dhabi-based modular and prefabricated building solutions firm Al Masaood Bergum (AMB), a part of the Al Masaood Group of Companies has recently completed the construction of a specialised accommodation facility in minimum time.

The modular facility can be used as temporary accommodation space, isolation wards, hospital bed-spaces, mobile laboratories in addition to medical centres.

Additionally, the facility also features modules that can be fixed anywhere in a short time and can be utilised as makeshift hospital infrastructure and for quarantine purposes.

The accommodation facility was manufactured amid challenging situations, due to COVID-19. The facility has around 15,000m2 of building space. AMB has the capacity to produce more than 25,000m2 of buildings per month.

As the demand for modular facilities that can be built on an urgent basis increases with the spread of COVID-19, modular and offsite construction has proved to be quite advantageous.

In a statement, AMB said that during this period it also designed, fabricated, and installed a portable full body disinfection tunnel at the entry of the facility.

A walk-through enclosure, the tunnel has been designed for personnel decontamination purposes, and can be used by multiple people at a time upon entry. The portable system is also equipped with sanitizer to assure the safety of all AMB employees and others using the facility.

Speaking about the facility, country manager of AMB, Ghias Ur Rehman, said: “We have successfully been able to construct a specialised accommodation facility that can be best used for quarantine and medical purposes. Our company is backed by exceptionally talented and skilled individuals.”

In the past, AMB has also built a number of prefabricated accommodation units with facilities including dining halls, rooms, toilets, and kitchen. The company has fabricated, delivered, and installed an ablution facility with additional amenities such as toilets, shower, and wash basins within 24 hours as opposed to a five-day period.

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