Bee’ah wins waste management contract at Egypt’s NAC

UAE-based leading sustainability pioneer Bee’ah has been awarded a contract appointing the firm as the waste management and city cleaning partner for Egypt’s New Administrative Capital (NAC) by the Administrative Capital for Urban Development (ACUD). The contract award also marks Bee’ah’s expansion in the Middle East and North Africa region.

Bee’ah’s Chairman HE Salim bin Mohamed Al Owais; Bee’ah’s Group CEO HE Khaled Al Huraimel; ACUD Chairman HE Ahmed Zaki Abdeen; ACUD’s CEO Major General Mohamed Abdulatif; and ACUD’s Head of Services and Solid Waste Management Sector Major General Adil El-Zmite were present at the ceremony to sign the contract.

Egypt’s New Administrative Capital (NAC) – a transformative project and an extension of Cairo – is one of the world’s largest urban developments, covering an area of more than 500km2 with an expected population of 6.5 million on completion.

Designed as a smart and sustainable city of the future, it will house a presidential district, a government district, a diplomatic district, a headquarters for the House of Representatives, as well as 21 residential areas.

Operations at the NAC will begin in March 2021, with the target of achieving 80% waste diversion rate from landfill through holistic and integrated waste management solutions in the city.

To achieve these targets, a workforce of more than 1,000 people will serve an estimated 2 million people in the Phase 1 of the city’s development. The team will utilise WastePro+, the region’s first fully integrated digital solution to track and monitor waste throughout the entire waste cycle in real-time, increasing both efficiencies and resource-savings.

More than 400 vehicles will be deployed for city cleaning and waste management, including electric waste collection units. These will be complemented by waste collection vehicles, mobile pest control systems, vacuum machine vehicles, and rapid response vehicles, among others.

In addition, Bee’ah is introducing advanced underground bin systems and more than 30,000 waste collection points across the New Administrative Capital.

As the region’s leading pioneer of environmental services, Bee’ah’s ventures aim to instill a sustainable quality of life.

Bee’ah’s zero-waste strategy in the UAE has led to the highest waste diversion rate in the Middle East for Sharjah at 76%, and it is building the Middle East’s first waste-to-energy facility.

Its diversified ventures span industries such as renewable energy, sustainable transportation, consultancy, and digitalisation. Bee’ah has also expanded into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2020, where it presently serves 1.2 million people in Madinah City.

Commenting on the contract award, the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Bee’ah, HE Salim bin Mohamed Al Owais, said: “As we near our original goal to make Sharjah the first zero-waste city in the region by 2021, we are ready to focus on our wider objective to help foster greener communities across the Middle East, and we are proud to serve the Egyptian people.”

Commenting on the occasion, Chairman of ACUD, HE Ahmed Zaki Abdeen, said: “We are delighted to sign a waste management contract in the New Administrative Capital with Bee’ah Group, one of the pioneers in the environmental management and sustainability sectors in the region. This agreement is an important step towards elevating our services and applying international best practices as well as innovative waste management solutions.

“Our agreement with Bee’ah will allow us to adopt the latest technologies and advanced digital systems to enhance operation efficiency and achieve a high percentage of waste diversion away from landfills. We look forward to further collaboration with our partners to continue to enhance quality of life in communities across Egypt.”

The Group CEO of Bee’ah, HE Khaled Al Huraimel, said: “Bee’ah has an established track record as an environmental services pioneer, founded on the twin pillars of sustainability and digitalisation. We will use these principles to achieve an 80% waste diversion rate for the New Administrative Capital through advanced recycling facilities and best-in-class waste management solutions.

“I am pleased to share that our on-ground preparations to start operations in the new city have continued uninterrupted, and we are ready to help make the Administrative Capital a smart and green city of the future.”

Bee’ah Egypt’s facilities include a refuse-derived fuel facility, which can process up to 1,500 tonnes of municipal solid waste daily to generate fuel for cement industries and a Bee’ah Egypt medical waste facility that can process up to six tonnes of medical waste per day.

Non-recyclable waste will be disposed of in an engineered landfill with gas monitoring and extraction in full compliance with responsible landfill management.

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