EXCLUSIVE: Construction update on Expo 2020’s Monaco Pavilion

Construction work on Expo 2020 Dubai’s Monaco Pavilion, which aims to ‘surprise and fascinate’ the world has marked another milestone by recording 87% completion, commissioner general Albert Croesi has confirmed to Construction Week.

Monaco’s participation in the World Expo is based on the theme: ‘Monaco 360° – a World of Opportunities’, with the gem-like, polygonal pavilion being located within the Opportunity District.

Speaking to Construction Week in a exclusive interview, Croesi said that the pavilion, which announced in August that its external structure was nearing completion, aims to acquire the building completion certificate (BCC) in December 2020.

Inspired by a kaleidoscope resembling the ‘Rock of Monaco’, — a 62m-tall monolith on the Mediterranean coast — the “main and polygonal shape of the pavilion with the prominent use of photovoltaic panels evokes the eco-friendly governance of Monaco and the steps we have taken to protect the environment”.

The commissioner general added: “We are committed to designing a pavilion with a balance of production and consumption of electricity close to zero. Our second priority is to build a pavilion that aims for the majority of its used materials to be recycled.”


According to Croesi all of the solar panels that make up the ‘Rock of Monaco’ and the cutting of the atypically shaped windows are being finalised. They will be connected to Dubai’s grid at the beginning of December, starting the process of self-supplying the pavilion with energy until the opening and throughout the World Expo.

Upon the completion of the core and shell, the pavilion will be closed, tempered, and kept under surveillance until it reopens at the end of May 2021 for the remaining work.


During this period, the teams on site will make sure that the HVAC systems are running smoothly, to keep the pavilion fresh in the harsh climatic conditions. Periodic maintenance and cleaning of the PV panels will also be carried out at this time

The interior scenography, the various elements making up the visiting stations, the wastewater treatment system, and the air compressor will be delivered and installed from June, next year, while the installation of the audio-visual equipment has been postponed to July.

The commissioner general stressed that the internal fit-out and scenography works are expected to be completed by 1 September 2021, one month before the opening of the global event on 1 October 2021.

Stakeholder involved in the concept, design, and construction of the Monaco Pavilion include, AODA and facts and fiction, who are working with OOS architects on the concept. The architect of record is Büro Kling Consult, with Nüssli Satal (Dubaï), being the project management firm. Construction work is being carried out by Al Ahmadiah Contracting with VR Technical as the MEP contractor.


Talking about the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on the construction of the pavilion, the commissioner general told Construction Week: “Construction process slowed down for about three months due to site access restrictions and questions about the postponement. Some equipment deliveries have been delayed too.

“Since June 2020, construction pace has resumed back to normal.”

A full version of the interview will be published in Construction Week‘s December 2020 magazine issue. 

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