Oman Tender Board approves tenders worth $819.6m for 17 projects

In its fourth meeting for 2020, the Tender Board of Oman, under its chairman Dr. Rasheed bin Al Safi al-Hraibi, approved tenders and additional works worth $819.6m (OMR315.5m) for 17 developmental projects in the Sultanate.

A tender worth $192.2m (OMR74m) was approved for Part 3 of the 717.5km Adam-Thumrait dual-carriageway. Another tender worth $298.96m (OMR115.1m) was awarded for Part 4 of the road covering 135km. And, a third tender worth $162.08m (OMR62.4m) was approved for Part 5 of the dual-carriageway.

Tender was also approved for the construction of a protection dam at Wadi Adonab in the Wilayat of Salalah in the Governorate of Dhofar, with the tender worth $62.08m (OMR23.9m)

Approval was also given to a tender to build another protection dam at Wadi An’aar and side protection at Salalah Port in the Governorate of Dhofar at a cost of $59.48m (OMR22.9m).

The Tender Board approved renewal of the lease contract of the building of the Directorate General of Educational Assessment of the Ministry of Education worth $1.1m (OMR434,310).

A lease contract was also renewed for the building of the Specialised Centre for Professional Training of Teachers of the Ministry of Education at a cost of $1.14m (OMR438,300).

Additionally, a lease contract for the building of the general diwan of the Ministry of Social Development worth $935,053 (OMR360,000).

Five more renewal of leasing contracts were okayed by the Tender Board, the Oman News Agency, reported.

This included the building of the Public Authority for Consumer Protection worth $1m (OMR387,000), and the building of the National Recruitment Centre in the Wilayat of Bausher worth $751,058 (OMR289,161).

Lease contracts were also renewed for the building of the Public Prosecution Department in Al Kuwair worth $517,490 (OMR199,236) and the temporary building of the Institute of Public Administration at $29,4541 (OMR113,400) were also renewed, in addition to the one for the building of the Public Authority for Mining worth $757,393 (OMR291,600).

A tender worth $5.97m (OMR2.3m) was sanctioned for the support and development of tax systems of the Tax Institution.
The Tender Board approved additional works of the tender worth $2.86 m (OMR1.1m) on construction of 300 residential units for citizens at Hamran Plain in the Wilayat of Salalah in Dhofar.

Similarly, additional works worth $1.9m (OMR719,567) were also approved for management of the facilities at the National Museum in the Sultanate.

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