Oman’s Sohar Production initiative sees development of two projects

Oman’s Implementation Support and Follow-up Unit (ISFU) – which is responsible for monitoring and following up on the implementation of national projects such as the Tanfeedh programme and Sharakah – has announced the development of two projects, including a transformational industries research centre, as well as a workshop and factory.

Oman’s Sohar University implemented the projects in cooperation with the Ministry of Trade and Industry, in line with the government’s aim to promote economic diversification and localise jobs through the ISFU.

The two projects, which are part of the Sohar Production initiative, will support the sultanate’s manufacturing industries, industrial innovation, and small and medium-sized companies, and will enhance their ability to attract investments into the manufacturing sector.

The assistant president of Sohar University for Scientific Research and Innovation, and head of the initiative’s executive team, Prof Ghassan Al-Kindy, said that the sultanate is right to focus on advanced manufacturing industries as they represent an important step proceeding towards technology transfer and attracting international partnerships.

According to the state-run Oman News Agency, The two projects will also work towards boosting integration between academic and industrial institutions, and will assist in the process of training students and graduates to build qualitative capabilities and competencies to work on advanced technologies.

The projects aim to raise the capacity, efficiency, and skill sets of Oman’s citizens who work in factories, or who are employed in the manufacturing sector.

During the trial phase, 11 agreements, including cooperation programmes and memoranda of understanding were signed with a number of local and global industrial agencies, as well as companies, to acquire technology and provide technical support.

A specialised training centre has also been established to guide Omani cadres on the use of computer-aided design and manufacturing systems; operation of specialised cutting equipment; and to enable knowledge transfer, increase manufacturing efficiency, and build technical support.

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