Oman’s transport ministry opens 13km of Barka – Nakhal project

Oman’s Ministry of Transport has opened a 13km stretch of the Barka-Nakhal road to traffic, according to the state-run Oman News Agency.

The 13km stretch is part of the dualization of the Barka-Nakhal road infrastructure project which includes construction work on a 39km highway, as well as 25km of service roads.

The total project also includes a two-lane asphalt road extending to 40km, as well as three roundabouts, seven interchanges, two pedestrian passes, and five tunnels.

The stretch aims to enhance access to villages; ease out the traffic between Nakhl and Wadi Al-Ma’awal; and revitalise the movement of commercial vehicles.

The 13km stretch starts from the entrance to the village of Al-Saadia in the province of Nakhl to the area near the entrance to Wadi Mestel, the state-run news agency confirmed.

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