Saudi Housing Ministry to provide 2,189 residential plots in 3 projects

The Land and Technical Affairs Agency of Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Housing has received three plans to provide 2,189 plots of land in the Asir region covering a total area of ​​3,250,204m2, after completing infrastructure works includes asphalting, torrent settlement, and wastewater disposal, among others.

The “Jewel of Mahayel” scheme in the Mahayel Asir Province will provides 1,107 residential plots, with an area of ​​more than 1.7km2; the “Abeer” scheme located in the Majardah Governorate will provide 611 residential plots on an area covering ​​759,000m2; and the “Yasmine Dhahran South” scheme, which covers an area of ​​766,000m2 will provide 471 residential plots.

The schemes are in line with the Ministry’s aim to develop more than 150 housing plans, according to the state-run Saudi Press Agency.

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Housing aims to increase residential ownership among its citizens to 70% by 2030. More than 57 housing projects at various stages of construction are being developed in various regions of the kingdom.

The programme provides Saudi nationals with access to residential plots, self-construction residential housing, prefabricated housing units, and under construction housing units, among other options.

The Sakani’s digital platforms provide details of the location, features, and prices of the residential units available for immediate and electronic reservation

The programme also offers Saudi citizens who own land the possibility of obtaining a 100% profit-backed real estate loan to build their own homes. It enables Saudi citizens to receive building permits within six months, start constructing within a year, and complete construction of their homes within three years.

During 2020, the Sakani programme aims to serve more than 300,000 families through various housing solutions, by enabling more than 130,000 families to move into new homes, offering Saudi families more than 90,000 plots of residential land, and constructing more than 100,000 housing units in partnership with real estate developers.

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