SDRPY launches cleaning initiative to remove 9,000m3 waste in Yemen

The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen (SDRPY) has rolled out a cleaning, beautification, and environmental sanitation campaign in Yemen’s temporary capital Aden to collect and remove up to 9,000m3 of accumulated waste from streets and public areas.

SDRPY will use heavy equipment for the waste removal programme, with the campaign being planned for a three-month period and will also include planting new plants, erasing graffiti from walls, and repairing street lights across the city.

Working in partnership with Cleaning and Improvement Fund in Aden (CIFA), the programme will cover 10 neighborhoods in eight districts in Yemen, including Sheikh Othman; Abdel Aziz and Cairo in Mansoura; Dar Saad; Inma and Al Shaab in Buraiqeh; Khormaksar; Al Mualla; Tawahi; and the Crater District.

A memorandum of joint cooperation was signed between the head of SDRPY, Eng Mogammed bin Abdullah Al Hadi, and the governor of Aden, Ahmed Salem Rabeea, in a bid to improve and develop Aden.

Rabeea said that the campaign aims to reduce the spread of epidemics and diseases, with the heavy equipment being delivered in the governorate as part of a comprehensive set of deliveries that is expected to arrive in the country to support the sanitation sector.

Meanwhile, Al Hadi added that the SDRPY had been active during the past few months in Aden examining the needs of the country, with new projects set to be announced across various sectors.

As part of the campaign SDRPY has provided more than 22 pieces of heavy equipment and machinery, including bulldozers and garbage trucks, as well as over 200 garbage bins.

Under the programme temporary jobs have also been created for more than 300 citizens, who will be working alongside 12 field monitors, 80 participants from civil society organisations, and 40 individuals from local farms. Additionally, everyone involved with the project set to receive daily rewards.

The sanitation work will be divided into several areas based on the location of accumulated waste, which will be removed in more than 600 transfers every month for three months across various districts.

The campaign was launched from Sheikh Othman district, and the cleaning process will be carried out according to a pre-agreed timetable over the nine days of activity scheduled for each district.

In addition, over 500 non-water-consuming seedlings will be planted in line to support sustainability targets.

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