VIDEO: Bee’ah’s AI-integrated Office of the Future to complete by year-end

UAE environmental management company Bee’ah’s new smart and sustainable headquarters is set to be complete by the end of 2020.

Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the AI-integrated Office of the Future aims to introduce a new era of smart workspaces. Hundreds of AI use cases converge for unparalleled employee, visitors and C-suite level interactions with the headquarters. The AI technologies employed for and incorporated in the functions of the building include predictive facilities maintenance; smart security; and innovative digital twin technologies.

In addition, Bee’ah’s designed app will deliver smart workplace associated features such as navigation tools, traffic updates and smart pre-allocated parking facilities, thereby making the journey to and from office smart, efficient, and sustainable.

The building will be equipped with facial recognition security systems and a smart concierge, creating contactless pathways, befitting the post-COVID-19 work environment.

Bee’ah’s AI-integrated systems are aimed at streamlining all business functions effectively, while ambience settings are optimised through the AI-integrated systems.

The smart headquarters is structured to earn a LEED Platinum certification as well as become a net-zero energy building.

Bee’ah’s new headquarters’ technologies and systems have been developed in partnership with Johnson Controls, Microsoft, and Bee’ah’s digital venture, Evoteq.

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