VIDEO: TRSDC continues ground development work at Coastal Village

Saudi Arabia’s The Red Sea Development Company (TRSDC), the developer of the 28,000km2 The Red Sea Project, has said that everyday the construction team on site transfers 10,000m3 of earth to raise the ground level at its Coastal Village project to more than 3.5m above sea level.

As infrastructure and development activities continue at the Coastal Village, the team has also moved about 7,000m2 of land.

HUTA Hegerfield and Saudconsulting Services (Saudconsult) were awarded a contract to implement ground-work improvement for the Coastal Village at the Red Sea Project site.

HUTA Hegerfield’s has been carrying out land raising and ground improvement for the 1.5km2  area of the Coastal Village that will be home to over 14,000 employees including workers, staff, and management of The Red Sea Project. It will also include corporate offices, housing, and other facilities.

Meanwhile, Saudconsult had been tasked with carrying out construction supervision consultancy services. This included ensuring the elements of the design and construction remained on schedule, observing and monitoring the quality of all construction works.

As part of its scope of work, HUTA Hegerfield has been responsible for transporting 2.6 million cubic metres of fill by extracting soil and other materials from a nearby hill.

TRSDC had awarded the contract to these companies in September 2019, and the project had been expected to be completed in five months.

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