Construction Disputes

Our lawyers have broad experience in issues that often arise in construction disputes including liquidated damages, prolongations and prolongation costs, distribution of liability, time bars and notice provisions, change orders and variations, extensions of time, performance bond disputes, and decennial liability. We have worked with quantum and court experts and advised and represented clients in various phases of project lifecycles, from tendering to negotiations and variations, to the issuance of snag lists and completion certificates.

Our team has substantial expertise in coordinating construction dispute management with experts and claims consultants to provide a seamless end result whether the dispute is subject to court litigation, or arbitral proceedings. We assist in reviewing detailed claim particulars, engineer correspondences, and decisions, independent determinations, preparing and assisting expert witnesses, drafting and managing supplemental agreement negotiations, and where possible support amicable settlement procedures.

We represent public and private owners and developers, and engineers and architects, general and specialized contractors, subcontractors and suppliers, manufacturers, financial institutions, guarantors and other parties involved in construction projects.

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