Investment Arbitration

Wasel & Wasel has pioneering expertise in high profile investor-State disputes. We have counseled and advised both investors and States which provides us a unique perspective in formulating the best strategy for either party.

Our investment treaty arbitration specialists regularly act as counsel for investors and States globally and are frequently requested to present and lecture on disputes arising out of bilateral and multilateral investment treaties, investment contracts, and other instruments, and involving a wide range of industries, including energy, construction, and security.

Companies and governments need talented counsel when facing investment treaty disputes. Wasel & Wasel’s global investment arbitration practice combines deep knowledge in international investment law and arbitration with world-class experience in emerging markets. When you partner with Wasel & Wasel, you leverage skilled lawyers who have successfully counseled clients under arbitration rules from the International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID) to UNCITRAL.

Our investor-State disputes team represents investors in disputes arising under investment treaties and investment contracts, and have experience in Middle-Eastern regional and international conventions such as the Arab Investment Agreement or the OIC Investment Agreement.

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