We have been called “firefighters” and “heavyweights” by clients.

We are often engaged on clients’ most high-stake matters, and our services are called on for the most significant issues, and for our renowned ability to employ some of the most procedurally intricate litigious strategies to protect client interests, in single or various jurisdictions.

Following are some of our most notable and recent instructions:

  • Counsel to an ultra-high-networth former CEO of a publicly listed company in multi-jurisdictional litigation of a circa USD 270,000,000 dispute in respect of criminal accusations, commercial disputes, and global Interpol and extradition matters.
  • Counsel to one of the United Arab Emirates’ largest contracting companies on enforcement of circa USD a 130,000,000 arbitration award in a GCC State.
  • Counsel to one of the largest tobacco manufacturers in the United Arab Emirates on a circa USD 60,000,000 tax dispute relating to excise tax litigated before the Federal Courts.
  • Counsel to an international energy trading company in a circa USD 25,000,000 insurance dispute arising out of the Yemen War litigated before the Federal Courts of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Counsel to a Government-owned publicly listed company on a circa USD 30,000,000 tax dispute surrounding tax treatment and tax penalties before the Federal Courts of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Co-counsel to one of the largest family holding companies in the United Arab Emirates on enforcement and nullification before the DIFC Courts of an international arbitration award valued at circa USD 85,000,000.
  • Counsel to one of the largest manufacturers in Canada in an ICC arbitration seated in a GCC State in a multi-million USD subcontract.
  • Advising a leading hotel developer in the United Arab Emirates on arbitration proceedings arising out of delay and variation issues in arbitration proceedings governed by the rules of the Dubai International Arbitration Center.
  • Co-counsel to an ultra-high-networth client in a circa USD 95,000,000 worldwide freezing order issued by the Courts of England and Wales.
  • Counsel to an ultra-high-networth businesses mogul in a circa USD 120,000,000 dispute against one of the largest UAE banks litigated before the Federal Courts of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Counsel and expert witness to the Swiss Courts for an ultra-high-networth client in a circa USD 50,000,000 dispute relating to the hostile takeover of businesses across the United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Panama, Switzerland, and China.
  • Counsel to a South Asian investor in an investor-State treaty arbitration valued at almost circa USD 180,000,000 arising out of the indirect expropriation of the investor’s assets in the host State.
  • Counsel on one of the first shareholder disputes for a financial services company in the Abu Dhabi Global Market, including in relation to litigation before the Abu Dhabi Global Market Courts, and in cross-jurisdictional actions in the Cayman Islands and the United States.
  • Counsel to the UAE’s leading electronics distributor and retailer in the nullification of a multi-million USD arbitration award before the Dubai Courts.
  • Counsel to an ultra-high-networth client on a circa USD 40,000,000 multi-jurisdictional economic crime accusation before the Criminal Courts of the Kingdom of Jordan.
  • Counsel to a United States defense and security company on the applicability of an international defense cooperation treaty before the Federal Courts of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Counsel to one of the largest holding companies in the UAE (as debtor) in litigating the annulment of a litigation funding arrangement against the creditor and the litigation funder in a circa USD 80,000,000 claim.
  • Counsel to a high-networth client in a dispute vis-a-vis a global bank in a bond margin call disputing resulting from a stock market crash.
  • Counsel to a Dutch wholesales consumer electronics business in an investor-State dispute arising out of denial of justice and indirect expropriation by the host State of a value of circa USD 70,000,000.
  • Counsel to a domestic Government agency of an Emirate in a multimillion USD dispute vis-a-vis an agency of the Federal UAE Government.
  • Counsel to the leading education service provider in the MENA region on a circa USD 12,000,000 dispute before the UAE Federal Courts arising from services to Federal agencies.
  • Co-counsel in defense proceedings before the Southern District Courts of New York in a claim of circa USD 90,000,000 against ultra-high-networth GCC nationals.
  • Counsel to one of the largest American video-game development and publishing companies in a multimillion USD administrative dispute before the UAE Federal Courts.
  • Counsel to a UAE holding company before the Joint Judicial Tribunal / Committee of the Emirate of Dubai on conflict of jurisdiction between the Dubai Courts and the DIFC Courts.
  • Counsel to a shareholder dispute before the DIFC Courts in a claim value of circa USD 20,000,000 involving one of the largest construction industry firms in the Middle East.
  • Foreign law expert counsel to a USD 9.5 billion international fraud and conspiracy claim before the Southern District Courts of New York between a southeast Asian investor and international banks and advisors.
  • Counsel to a leading distributor in the UAE on technology and intellectual property claim of USD 40,000,000 in relation to development of proprietory software.