Wasel & Wasel provides a notably bespoke, high-performing service, that has been dubbed by our clients as ‘The W&W Credo’ encompassed with the following principles:

We win for our clients by understanding that what ultimately matters is their bottom line when a relationship turns contentious. This conviction is embodied in our service to our clients: how our lawyers service you and how we advocate for your success.

We win for our clients by understanding their essential interests. We understand that our clients are not out to collect dispute trophies but to overcome conflict and resolve matters. We are resourceful and unstoppable in disputes, but ensure that we invest our efforts in finding beneficial and practical outcomes for our clients.

We win for our clients by recognizing that our actions reflect on them. Our clients rely on us to protect their social capital as much as their financial capital, and we ensure that our clients are part of our team by working with transparency and closely involving them in the decision-making processes.

We win for our clients through a high-value, top-heavy approach. Our senior counsel involvement is a defining feature of our service providing unwavering attention and investing more time for our clients in elaborating on strategy and the purpose of deliverables and in efforts towards effective progress of our clients’ matters.

We win for our clients through a mantra of being relentlessly polite and politely relentless. We know that our clients hold their reputations and relationships in high regard, and respect those who decide their disputes, and we ensure that our conduct and advocacy on behalf of our clients is courteous yet invictus.

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