March 23, 2021



Since around September 2020, the tax dispute resolution committee of the Emirate of Dubai has been inoperable (under reformation).

On 25 November 2020, the UAE Minister of Justice issued Ministerial Decree No. 691/2020 on the Formation of Tax Dispute Resolution Committees for the Emirate of Dubai.

The Emirate of Dubai previously had only one tax dispute resolution committee to hear objections against reconsideration decisions of the Federal Tax Authority. However, the Decree formed two tax dispute resolution committees for the Emirate of Dubai (Dubai TDRCs).

The two new Dubai TDRCs began practically operating on 16 February 2021 and had docketed all tax objections lodged in 2021 for review and issuance of a decision.

Decisions for objections filed in 2021 have begun being issued as of mid-March 2021.

As of the fourth week of March 2021, objections filed in 2020 are also being considered by the Dubai TDRCs.

However, taxpayers could be required to communicate with the Ministry of Justice and confirm the validity of the objections and continued request by the taxpayer/objector for the Dubai TDRC to decide on the objection.

The Ministry of Justice may request confirmation as to whether the objector had proceeded to file an appeal before the Federal Primary Court pursuant to Article 33(2)(b) of the Tax Procedures Law which grants objectors the opportunity to challenge the non-issuance of a decision by a tax dispute resolution committee.

(The Tax Disputes Circuit of the Federal Primary Court is responsible to hear challenges against rulings of a TDRC. Both the taxpayer and the FTA may challenge a ruling of the TDRC before the Federal Primary Court, Federal Appeals Court, and finally the Federal Supreme Court.)


 If a person (domiciled in Dubai for tax purposes) disagrees with a decision by the FTA and commences the reconsideration process but does not obtain a favorable outcome, the subsequent procedure would be to object before the Dubai TDRCs.

The objection is lodged with the tax dispute resolution department of the Ministry of Justice that is responsible for lodging the objection with the Dubai TDRCs within two weekdays as of the date of the filing.

Once the Dubai TDRCs receive the objection, a decision must be rendered within a maximum of forty weekdays which comprises of an initial twenty-weekday period and an additional twenty-weekday extension period. The extension can be granted based on the request of the objector or the Federal Tax Authority, or if the Dubai TDRC deems it necessary.

After the procedure before the Dubai TDRC is concluded, either the objector or the Federal Tax Authority can challenge the committee’s decision before the Federal Primary Court.

Author: Mahmoud Abuwasel

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